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Interested in racing an ATV? Are you crazy?! Seriously, no one should enter the world of ATV racing lightly. Like most extreme sports, there is the risk of injury to consider. It’s not a matter of if you crash, but when, how often and how hard. Most ATVs, or “quads,” weigh at least a few hundred pounds and are notorious for finding and landing on their riders once thrown.

 And if the pain of going down doesn’t deter you from quad racing, the drain on your wallet might. You can expect to spend lots of money making your ATV safe and competitive. You will pay race fees, travel expenses, and the never-ending repairs and maintenance. You’ll need motocross gear for practice and gear for racing. Then there’s the trailer to haul your quad, (which often becomes quads, as you’ll want a backup) and the RV to stay in at the track _ or you can combine the two by investing in a Toybox.

 When watching ATV racing for the first time, a comment often heard is “those people are crazy!” Why would anyone want to subject themselves to this extreme, dangerous and costly addiction?

 For those adrenaline junkies who possess the passion to pilot through the air at high speeds while maneuvering a quad on a motocross track or fly through the woods, down gullies and across rocks at unimaginable speeds, the comment and question simply brings a smile. The sport can bring thrills unimaginable; the rush, the competition – it’s exhilarating.  

 And ATV racing can also bring your family closer together while joining you with new friends and families you meet at the track. ATV racing is known as a friendly, wholesome sport with a family-oriented atmosphere, and the sport offers parents and grandparents the opportunity to spend time with their children in an activity all can enjoy. Many parents credit ATV racing with keeping them close to their teens and young adults, giving them something they are all interested in to talk about and share.

 Occasionally you will see several members of a family racing ATVs, each in their own separate class, but more often you will see one or two riders, with others helping in the pits. When two or more family members race, the family tends to remain in the sport longer and become more dedicated. But even riders going it alone find themselves embraced by the friendship found in ATV racing, and they do not remain alone for long, especially when help is needed. For such a competitive sport, it is incredible to witness the sportsmanship and true concern for other riders. Often you will see riders battle for positions in a race, and then exit the track shaking hands and saying ‘great race,’ or see top riders pause (and stop when necessary) in the middle of a race to check on a downed rider.

 Young riders gain valuable life lessons racing ATVs. They learn to accept defeat and work hard to triumph. They learn to train and eat well if they want to get ahead. And they choose to spend their weekends with family and friends at the track rather than getting into trouble on the streets. Yes, quad racing can be dangerous, but so can riding a bicycle in the neighborhood or participating in another sport. Parents should consider the pros and cons and make their own informed decisions about allowing a child to race ATVs, but all in all, it really is a great, family-oriented sport! 

So, if after careful consideration you decide you still want to race an ATV, or you want your children to, owning one is, of course, the first step.


Part 2: Buying an ATV for Racing

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